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Enrollment Verifications

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Pullman Students: NSC Instant Verifications

The Pullman campus uses the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for instant access to your enrollment verification. WSU has authorized NSC to act as its agent for enrollment verifications. If you are not able to use the NSC, you will need to submit an Pullman Verification Request Form and allow 7-10 business days for processing.

NSC can provide instant access to:

Good Student Discount Certificates

Current Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification for all terms

Advanced Registration Verification

Loan Deferment Information

My organization does not accept NSC verifications

You will need to submit a Pullman Verification Request Form and allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Pullman Verification Request Form

Enrollment Verifications for Special Circumstances

Most verifications can be provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) instantly. Use the Pullman Verification Request Form if you are a Pullman student, AND

  • The organization requesting verification will not accept National Student Clearinghouse verification. You will be required to upload the organizations denial documentation.
  • You need a document from a third party signed by the Office of the Registrar or on letterhead.
  • You are a student from SACM, Oman, or Kuwait.
  • You need a hand-prepared verification.

Verification Request Form

Allow 7-10 business days. Requests may take longer during the first weeks of school or after spring commencement. If you experience technical difficulties opening our form, please try another browser. In Google Chrome, try Clear Browsing Data. If you need technical assistance, email the webmaster.

Third Party Inquiries & Background Investigators

Are you a Non-WSU Third Party or background investigator seeking an enrollment verification for a current or former student? Third Party verifications

Graduate Students

Email Daniel Vickoren to request a verification if you are a Masters and PhD student.

Already graduated?

Do you need to verify your degree? If you have already graduated, you can order an Official Transcript or verify your degree through NSC.

What is NSC?

National Student Clearinghouse is authorized by WSU to give you instant access to your enrollment verifications.

Using the NSC site

Find detailed instructions for obtaining the info you need on our NSC Instructions and Loan Deferment pages.

Available at NSC

  • Good Student Discount Certificate
  • Proof you are enrolled for this semester
  • Proof that you were enrolled for a past semester
  • Proof that you're enrolled for a future semester
  • Who asked for your information at NSC
  • Proof of your degree



Enrollment Verifications
Enrollment Verification